Lisbon Art Retreat

LAR is Portuguese for “home”.

It is where you come home to yourself
and back to your true creative nature
to then take on the world afresh.

© Tessy Morelli

Holistic retreats for creative wellbeing

What they say

Me siento agradecida. ⁣Infinitamente agradecida.⁣ Me alegra haber elegido, hace pocas semanas, unirme last minute a este retiro de well-being y arte que la hermosa LAR ha creado a través de su proyecto LAR. Llevaba meses queriendo ir a sus retiros-experiencias y voilà. ⁣Agradecida por el espacio Alma do Paço más bello de lo esperado y la comida, vegana, exquisita.⁣ Agradecida por las clases de Marina de Lima. Soy exigente con los profesores/as de yoga pero amé cada una de sus prácticas. Yin Yoga, Vinyasa, breathing, meditaciones… Gracias Marina.⁣ A los chicos de Lisboa Social Press que me retaron con el dibujo, algo que nunca se me dio bien y os aseguro que lo solté, solté la exigencia y me lancé al papel. Encantada.⁣
– Anna
For them it has been an amazing experience, even somewhat life-changer for our mother. They enjoyed the artistic part, felt rekindled with the yoga sessions and renewed by the food.
– Oliver, who gifted the retreat to his parents
There is something magical that happens when you bring together a group of women who are all ready to show kindness, compassion and support to themselves, each other and the wider world. The last few months were tough for me but at the retreat with Jule I was just soaking up all of that love and positive energy that was buzzing around. Everything was wonderful – the stunning location with the big garden and short walk to the sea, the delicious vegan food, the instructors Maria and Tamara, and the sunshine (although I suppose that’s the one thing I can’t thank LAR for). I look forward to the next time!
– Birte
Thank you so much for offering this experience, my first retreat and I truly came away energised and stimulated. Learning about the natural inks from Tamara was a spot of luck, I’ve been wanting to learn the technique for a while and what a wonderful environment to learn. I enjoyed the balance between work and rest, the yoga was excellent, I loved Maria’s practice. I may join some classes with her online! The food was beyond delicious. And it was lovely to meet so many interesting, inspiring women.

– Kate

I loved it all from start to finish… and what a great host you are too! You were so chill and relaxed and we were never made feel under pressure to do anything. It was pure bliss!!!!
– Ciara
The spring retreat was absolutely wonderful! It combined yoga, delicious healthy meals and artistic exploration at a perfect location, Casa Paço d’Ilhas, a cosy and beautiful little “village” filled with flowers, trees and warm architecture. The days were very relaxing, filled with great conversations and shared experiences.
– Jaquelina

Tailored Retreat Experiences

Rest. Indulge. Create. Connect.

A retreat experience to fit your group’s desires.

Whether it is for some true quality time with dear friends, a special team-building with colleagues or for a one-of-a-kind bachelor/ette party, we curate unique retreats that bring your group together for a special experience of deep rest, artistic exploration and real connection.

Based on your group’s individual wishes, we find the right setting, design a balanced programme and offer delicious and wholesome meals.

– Half-days up to long weekends. Minimum 8 guests. From €55 per person. 

© Tessy Morelli


Explore conversations with artists about their creative and wellbeing practices and the ecologies in which they work and operate.

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