Lisbon Art Retreat

LAR is Portuguese for ‘home’.

It is more than the house you live in, the ‘casa’. LAR is a feeling of comfort, warmth and well-being, a place to rest and recharge. By offering a pause from the usual rhythm and routine, LAR creates space for play and creativity, space for the imagination and for new possibilities.

Connecting body and mind through yoga, meditation, creative workshops, visits to local art spaces and wholesome food, LAR allows you to find a fresh flow by moving your body and inspiring your creativity.

LAR is where you come home to yourself and back to your true creative nature to then take on the world afresh.

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Hi there, it’s Jule. Nice to meet you! My favourite word is serendipity – finding valuable things not sought for, making happy discoveries by chance.

Over the last ten years or so, I’ve lived in several places around the world, learning that home is not so much an external place but something I carry inside me. Originally from Germany, I’ve now made Lisbon my home. My studies and a good feeling brought me here. The good feeling got confirmed, so I stayed.

My background is in arts management and culture studies, I work as a cultural project manager and at a contemporary art museum. I am also a certified yoga teacher and have taught for several years and practiced for many more. I love yoga and art for the perspectives, inspiration and energy they give me. Practicing yoga and making art both get me into a flow state, the state of being in tune with life and present in the moment.

The year 2020 has shown me more clearly than ever the importance of keeping up practices that help to stay grounded and inspired and the power of creativity as a tool for wellbeing. LAR was born from this.

Guiding Principles

Creative Wellbeing

Creativity is our true nature. This means that a fulfilled life, in line with our true self, is a creative life. When you are in touch with yourself, then, by nature, you are creative. In the original sense, creativity, as creation, is vital life force itself. A creative flow state is the state of being in tune with life, which is a state of wellbeing.

Collective Care

Wellbeing is not an individual endeavour; it is incomplete without collective wellbeing. We can only be truly well when we realise our connection and interdependence with collective life, with all beings, moving from a self-care that isolates to the self- and collective care that ties us into community.

Radical Imagination

Radical imagination is the capacity to envision the world not within existing conditions but as it might otherwise be, to imagine and create alternative possibilities. It is a creative force and a force of change. The word “radical” is derived from the Latin word “radix,” which translates to “root.” To be radical is to get to the root of things. Radical imagination plants the seeds for change.

Mutual Flourishing

In her book “Braiding Sweetgrass,” Robin Wall Kimmerer reminds us that all flourishing is mutual. The true flourishing of one does not diminish that of another, but rather requires and enhances it. Nature follows the principle of reciprocity, which implies that we are responsible for each other, just as our wellbeing is tied to one another.


Explore conversations with artists about their creative and wellbeing practices and the ecologies in which they work and operate.

On Opening up Space for Creativity

Hear more from Jule about opening space for creativity on the Artist Reality Podcast.

Holistic Retreats for Creative Wellbeing

Yoga and Meditation

Body and mind are each other’s mirror. That’s why we start the day with a vinyasa yoga flow and a little meditation – to relax, refresh and energise body and mind and prepare ourselves for a day of creative activities.

Creative Workshops

Through diverse creative workshops such as drawing, ceramics, paper-making and printmaking and textile art, we explore artistic forms of expression and find that fulfilment of getting out of the head and into the hands.

Wholesome Food

Our delicious and healthy  meals are the perfect foundation and fuel for this wholesome journey. The fresh, local and vegetarian ingredients prepared with much love nourish body, mind and soul.

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