Lisbon Art Retreat


MUSINGS with Iany Gayo and Lucrezia Papilloof MACHEIA “Look at what’s around you, look at what the Earth has to offer.” MACHEIA is a term that refers to a measurement of quantity equivalent to one’s hand. The studio was created in 2020 by italian-german product designer Lucrezia Papillo and mozambican-portuguese architect Iany Gayo. After graduating …

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Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf

MUSINGS with Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf “all my work has been an investigation of the self” Rebecca Fontaine-Wolf is an interdisciplinary artist who grew up between Germany and the UK and is currently living between London and Lisbon. She works across a range of media including painting, photography, printmaking and video. Her work, which focuses heavily on …

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Billy Pitta-Gróz

MUSINGS with Billy Pitta-Gróz “It’s like entering a meditative state, almost like tabula rasa” For Billy Pitta-Gróz, natural stone is fascinating. In its essence it contains history. He uses the distinct expressiveness of each piece in the conception of his ‘vessels’: for light, water, people, for other objects. In Portugal, he has these raw materials of exceptional …

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