Fostering Community for Collective Care

27 + 28 April 2024 — Espaço Arroios

An exploration into co-expansion and interconnectedness

Wellbeing is not an individual endeavour; it is incomplete without collective wellbeing, and healing is also political. In light of the world’s fragmentation and systemic challenges, we propose to explore how self-care can (and must) include, and serve, collective care, in a commitment to decolonising the mind.

This two-day workshop guided by Tobi Ayé is designed to facilitate a deep dive into the dynamics of systemic trauma, recognizing the impact on both individual well-being and the collective.

By working with the nervous system and somatic practices, participants gain insights into how our bodies respond to these systemic influences, and engage in shared experiences that foster empathy and co-expansion (aka co-regulation), thus contributing to the creation of a more integrated and compassionate society.

As Robin Wall Kimmerer says, “all flourishing is mutual” and, therefore, healing is political. We understand that the kind of self-care that seeks to protect ourselves from collective crises by disengaging (a) is a product of the privilege to even be able to afford to look away and (b) doesn’t actually protect us because, instead, it keeps us disconnected and isolated; and connection and community (including beyond our “in-group”) are essential for true well-being.

To move from a self-care that isolates to the self- and collective care that ties us back into community, we need to uncover and dismantle – internally and outwardly – the structures of power, oppression and privilege that are in the way of collective well-being, and remember that true care is mutual and collective.

In today’s world, marked by various systemic challenges, this workshop addresses the pressing need for individuals to navigate and overcome the effects of fragmentation. It serves as a timely intervention, empowering participants with tools to foster resilience, build meaningful connections, and contribute to the creation of a more integrated and compassionate society.

Tobi Ayé is a somatic practitioner from Benin, descendant of Nago / Yorubas people in West Africa. Movement and displacement have been an integral part of her life and define her entire identity. Having grown up in the West African sub-region and also lived in North Africa, notably in Tunisia, she has experienced in her flesh the countless ethnic, inter-religious, and social divisions that are deeply rooted in the colonial trauma that the continent has experienced.

Based today in Portugal after having lived in Germany, she is a cultural somatic practitioner, educator and a skilled group facilitator with a deep commitment to working with individuals and communities to repair connections and integrate collective, intergenerational, individual, and systemic trauma. She founded RECONEKT a space to deeply look how systemic trauma has fragmented us as collective body and ways to heal together. She believes that anti-oppression work begins within oneself and includes addressing all oppressed groups and identities as we work towards liberation of all beings.


10 am to 5pm, with breaks

Saturday, 27 April 2024

— Opening and introduction
Understanding systemic trauma and fragmentations
— The nervous system and systemic trauma
— Embodied and somatic practices
— Wrap-up and homework assignment

Sunday, 28 April 2024

— Recap and check-in — Co-regulation/-expansion, attunement and interconnectedness — Integration and action planning — Closing ritual

"The Eurocentric paradigm focuses on 'healing' trauma and fixing people. In the paradigm I live in, we learn to dance with our cracks, and integrate our fragmented parts."

Tobi Ayé

Rua Passos Manuel 99A
1150-260 Lisbon

We believe that healing should be accessible for everyone, regardless of their gender, race, age and class. Therefore, we offer a pricing scale. Please see below and make an honest decision about which options feels right to you – no proofs needed. Acknowledging where there is privilege or not is an important exercise in itself and part of the journey that we invite you on. We also offer the possibility of paying in instalments. Please let us know if you would like to do so.

Regular price: €160

For a just valuation of time, energy and resources, allowing us to make this workshop happen.

Community price: €120

This option is available for Global South Bodies, for everyone who is systemically underprivileged and/or struggles financially. If this is still not possible for you, let us know, and we see what’s possible. We want you to be able to participate – for all our sakes.

Paying it forward: €180

This is for you if you are systemically privileged and believe in equity, knowing that all flourishing is mutual – what goes around comes around. You will help someone else participate and contribute to collective care.

Book your spot

To book your spot, please submit the form, make the payment via one of the options  below.  If you wish to pay in instalments, please send us an email. Please consult our Pricing Policy above.

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