A Retreat in the Comfort of Your Home

Create your personal retreat experience at home.

Our home retreats provide you with the guidance and materials you need to create an intentional and inspiring retreat experience in the comfort of your home, including access to an online creative workshop of your choice, access to online yoga classes, a retreat guide booklet with journaling exercises and six healthy and simple recipes.

For our VIRTUAL ART RETREAT, you will receive all materials in digital form and be invited to the online hands-on drawing workshop with Lisboa Social Press founders Jilly and Tom.

With our RETREATS IN A BOX, the materials are delivered to you in physical form, including your workshop materials, a handmade journal, palo santo and a little surprise, in addition to the materials of all our home retreats.

You will be able to access and do the online workshop and classes in your own time, and your access will be guaranteed for at least 3 months (90 days).


– Retreat guide with journaling & meditation prompts
– Online drawing workshop with Lisboa Social Press
– 2 online yoga classes
– 6 healthy and simple recipes


 Retreat guide with journaling & meditation prompts
 Online creative workshop of choice (Natural Dyeing or Macramé, see below)
 Materials for your creative workshop
 2 online yoga classes
– 6 healthy and simple recipes
– Handmade journal
– Palo santo
– A little surprise, from us for you

Creative Workshop for Your Retreat in a Box


Lisboa Social Press invites you into their studio (virtually) to take you through a series of drawing games and exercises designed for everybody from occasional doodlers to seasonal artists.

The workshop is split into two halves. In the first half, you’ll loosen up your stiff wrists with a few life studies of objects chosen from your own home. In the second half you’ll be invited to turn your attention to portraits, focusing first on the Muse of the Moment before getting out the mirror for an impromptu self portrait.  

Perfect for households or solo creatives looking to unwind and destress with a pencil in hand.

Natural Dyeing

Learn how to naturally dye textiles using plant pigments – including from food waste – with Annette from Wear Tinctoria. You will bundle dye an organic cotton tote bag, learning the techniques of preparing the fabric, arranging the plant matter, steaming and modifying, that allow you to then experiment freely with the botanical magic of plants you find in your garden, on a hike or around your neighbourhood.

The workshop will take you roughly around two hours of activity, but the process involves waiting time, including over night, so it’s a perfect workshop to do over a weekend.

Annette is the founder of Wear Tinctoria, a natural dye clothing brand that has the mission to regenerate people’s daily relationship with nature.

Macramé Wall-Hanging

Learn how to make a beautiful macramé wall-hanging with Inês and Bernardo from Voar Voa Atelier. You will make a lovely piece, learning the four main macramé knots that will give you the basis to come up with endless designs of your own for future projects.
Bernardo will also show you how to prepare wooden sticks you find in nature as supports for further wall-hangings (the wooden stick for your first project comes ready in your kit).

It will take you around one to 1,5 hours to complete the piece.

Voar Voa Atelier is the synthesis of wood and cotton, of Inês’s macramés and Bernardo’s wood carving art, celebrating the balance of these natural materials.

What They Say

“When I started my home retreat, I was thinking of relaxation, serenity and comfort. I never thought the topic of expectations would also play a role!

When I spread the plant elements on the fabric, I felt at one with myself and with nature. I was enjoying the colours, and the growing excitement to see the results of the process filled me with joy. When I opened the bundle later, I was surprised to see the earthen tones and was somewhat missing brighter colours at first. But as I kept looking, I found many pretty patterns with beautiful colours and appreciated the subtle beauty of the natural colours. They made me feel very calm and grounded. I figured that this is the beauty of the technique and the materials, and I will keep experimenting.

I also understood how my experience had been limited by my expectations at first. How much beauty does life offer, when I’m truly open to it! The piece I made will be a reminder for me to meet people and take life openly and freely. Thank you for this wonderful insight.”

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