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While waiting for your home retreat kit to get to you, start getting inspired with a little flow sneak peek with Lena.

(Don’t worry, you don’t have to do the tough stuff.)

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Creative Workshops

Natural Dyeing

Learn how to naturally dye textiles using plant pigments – including from food waste – with Annette from Wear Tinctoria. You will bundle dye an organic cotton tote bag, learning the techniques of preparing the fabric, arranging the plant matter, steaming and modifying, that allow you to then experiment freely with the botanical magic of plants you find in your garden, on a hike or around your neighbourhood.

Annette is the founder of Wear Tinctoria, a natural dye clothing brand that has the mission to regenerate people’s daily relationship with nature.

Your Workshop Materials:

 Wear Tinctoria‘s natural dye manual
 organic cotton tote bag
 piece of cloth
 piece of string

 soy beans
 eucalyptus bark
 dried flowers
 iron sulfate

Macramé Wall-Hanging

Learn how to make a beautiful macramé wall-hanging with Inês and Bernardo from Voar Voa Atelier. You will make a lovely piece, learning the four main macramé knots that will give you the basis to come up with endless designs of your own for future projects.
Bernardo will also show you how to prepare wooden sticks you find in nature as supports for further wall-hangings (the wooden stick for your first project comes ready in your kit).

Voar Voa Atelier is the synthesis of wood and cotton, of Inês’s macramés and Bernardo’s wood carving art, celebrating the balance of these natural materials.

Your Workshop Materials:

 14 pieces of macramé cord
 wooden stick, treated with natural oils

Yoga Classes

Gentle Flow

This Gentle Flow guided by Lena is perfect to recharge body and mind through soft and conscious movements. A great opportunity to turn inwards or to prepare yourself for an inspiring day. Perfect for all levels.

Power Flow

In this Power Flow, Lena guides you through an energising and powerful sequence.
This is a more advanced-level class, so please listen to your body, make adjustments as needed and back off whenever something is too much for you.